Pop-Up Canada! seminar offers advice to Pennsylvanian companies interested in the Alberta Oil Sands

Panelists at a Pop-Up Canada! seminar on Tuesday April 10th gave audience members advice on how Pennsylvania companies can take part in business opportunities offered by Canada’s oil sands in northern Alberta.

The Canadian oil sands are the third-largest proven crude oil reserve in the world, next to Saudi Arabia and Venezuela. Analysts agree they’re a great opportunity for U.S. companies with market solutions.

As many as 70 Pennsylvanian companies are currently active in projects connected to the oil sands. The speakers at the Pop-Up Canada! seminar pointed out there is room for many more, along with specific advice on how to get involved.

oil sands equipment

(photo courtesy Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions)

The need for companies that can “offer solutions”

Eddy Isaacs, CEO of Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions,  the lead agency for energy and environmental research in Alberta, outlined some of the challenges the industry faces in terms of water use, energy use, and greenhouse gas emissions.

He and others suggest that innovative Pennsylvania companies offering solutions in these areas “can access an entire ecosystem of partners in Canada” including Cosia (www.cosia.ca), CCEMC (www.ccemc.ca), Canmet Energy, and Alberta Innovates (www.ai-ees.ca).

Eddy Isaacs, CEO of Alberta Innovates – Energy & Environmental Solutions speaks at Pop-Up Canada!:

Clark Grue’s “Top Ten List”

Clark Grue, CEO of Rainmaker Global Business, a leading Calgary business advisory company, provided practical advice to Pennsylvania businesses including his top ten list:

10) Learn about the challenges of the resource
9) Understand the climate
8) Respect the expertise in the market
7) Learn to sell to engineers
6) Understand the decision-making hierarchy
5) Build support from influencers
4) Establish a presence (be in the market)
3) Don’t wait
2) Bring solutions, not just products
1) Build trust by delivering what you promise

Clark Grue, CEO of Rainmaker Global Business, at Pop-Up Canada!:

David Evans, an Imperial Oil procurement associate wrapped up the session up with a practical illustration of Alberta oil sands opportunities from his point of view as Canada’s only AAA rated industrial company, giving an overview of Imperial Oil’s existing and upcoming oil sands projects.